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We at Nairi Kureghian, DDS Inc in Northridge, California want to share interesting facts and stories with our clients and visitors. Please feel free to read our articles to learn more information about relevant topics.

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How gum disease affects your health

Posted on January 21, 2019 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (51518)


Gum disease can lead to strokes, diabetes heart disease, and respiratory disease.

Heart Diseases: Inflammation triggered by bacteria in gums is responsible for the link between heart and gum disease. It can also aggravate any existing heart conditions one might have. Patients with infective endocarditis may require prior antibiotic cover before undergoing cleaning or any treatment of the gums.

Diabetes: Periodontal disease can cause the blood sugar levels to rise. Unfortunately, patients that have diabetes stand a higher chance of having gum disease as well. This is because infections are easily picked up if one already has diabetes.

Stroke: Research indicates that stroke patients are more susceptible to have an oral infection compared to those that have not had a stroke.

Respiratory Diseases: The bacteria from periodontal disease can potentially cause respiratory diseases. This takes place when the bacteria from your mouth moves into your lungs.

You can reduce your risk of stroke, diabetes, heart diseases and respiratory diseases by attending regular gum disease check-ups with Dr. Nairi Kureghian. Please call 818-701-6197 or email [email protected] or visit


Snore Guard To Help You Sleep Better

Posted on October 22, 2018 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (3506)

Snoring is a common medical disorder that happens from a tissue that vibrates as the person breathes through a narrow airway. But this could be life-threatening as it could lead to sleep apnea. It is a condition wherein a person stops breathing for few seconds during sleep.


“Not all people who snore have sleep apnea but all sleep apnea patients snore.”


Thus snoring is a symptom not to be ignored. Still, 90% of people are not diagnosed properly leading to other health problems and sometimes even death.


Good news is that Dr. Nairi Kureghian as a dentist is a specialist in diagnosing sleep-related disorders and suggest custom fit snore guards that really help. Technically speaking, snore guards hold the lower jaws slightly forward, which open the airway during sleep so the person can breathe regularly.


They mold to the unique shape of the mouth for maximum comfort

They adjust to the bite, benefiting patients who suffer from overbite or under bite.

The outer layer is durable and resistant to damage while the inner layer is comfortable and unobtrusive.


Our team understands this nighttime annoyance and provides custom-made appliance or snore guard so that every one can sleep peacefully at night. These appliances will ensure that the airways stay open and free from an obstruction to help us breathe. And as these appliances are custom made, it will fit effectively and comfortably to allow us to sleep peacefully.

Does everyone have wisdom teeth?

Posted on May 1, 2018 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (48285)

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth? + All Your Questions Answered

APRIL 24, 2018

Many studies have been conducted, but the most common result is that at least one wisdom tooth is present.


Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that typically form behind the standard first and second set of molars in the jaw. They are often referred to as third molars, and they’re the final set of chompers to grow in.


Wisdom teeth take their name from the time when they often appear. They typically begin to emerge from the gums between the ages of 17 and 21, a season of life when we begin to mature after childhood.


Roughly 60% of people opt to have their wisdom teeth extracted, and this is typically due to the fact that many grow in at an angle and can cause future problems.

For some, the teeth grow in perfectly straight and can be left alone and observed. For others, there’s no room in the mouth or the wisdom teeth will only partially emerge through the gums.

Known as impacted wisdom teeth, these improperly angled teeth can upset the alignment and even affect the jaw. They are also more susceptible to common oral health issues such as decay and plaque.


Research suggests that wisdom teeth are a leftover internal relic of a different time in the history of human beings. Many years ago, humans lived on a diet of food like roots, raw meats, and firm leaves—things that made a lot of tearing and crushing a necessity. As such, early humans had a larger jaw and room for more teeth. As dietary intake began to change, so did the human body, effectively eliminating the need for a third set of molars.


Talk to Dr Nairi Kureghian about how to approach incoming, impacted, or existing wisdom teeth.

Are you a good candidate for Dental Implants?

Posted on March 9, 2018 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (109238)

March 8th, 2018

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you miss the freedom and confidence that comes with a complete set of healthy teeth, you might be thinking about getting dental implants at The Masterpiece Smiles. This procedure has dozens of benefits; implants may last for a lifetime, they look fantastic, and they’re strong enough to stand up to pretty much any food. But is this tooth replacement method right for you? Let’s talk about some of the qualifiers that make a person an ideal candidate for dental implants.

Strong Bones

One of the best things about dental implants is that they bond with your body, preserving your jawbone. However, there needs to be enough bone there in the first place for the implants to have sturdy support. If X-rays reveal that your jaw is thin or weak, you might need a bone graft before you’re able to receive implants.

Good Oral and Overall Health

Dr Nairi Kureghian wants your implants to be successful, which is why she’ll examine your mouth for any signs of gum disease. If you do have an issue there, you’ll need to get it taken care of before your implant surgery; that’s because the bacteria that causes gum disease can lead to an infection around the implant site.

Some systemic health conditions, like diabetes or any disease that compromises the immune system, could slow down your healing after surgery. It’s important to discuss any such issues with her before you commit to implants.

Strong Oral Health Habits

It’s important not to think that just because implants can’t get cavities, you don’t have to brush and floss. Keeping your mouth clean can prevent gum disease and infections that may weaken your jawbone and lead to implant failure. If you already stick to a strong oral hygiene routine, your Dr Nairi Kureghian will be that much more enthusiastic about giving you to the go-ahead for implants.

It’s also good to keep in mind that smoking can drastically decrease the chances that your implants will succeed. That doesn’t mean smokers can’t get implants, but if you use tobacco, you may want to make an extra effort to kick the habit so your new smile will be able to thrive.


The dental implant process can take anywhere from a few months to an entire year. That’s because the implants will need time to bond with your body before your new artificial teeth are installed on top of them. The wait will be worth it!

An Appreciation for Long-Term Value

Some patients hesitate to get implants because the upfront cost is significant. However, since implants last so long and provide so many health benefits, many people believe that they present the best long-term value out of all the tooth replacement options. Dr Nairi Kureghian may offer financing options to help you afford dental implants.

So, do you think you might be a candidate for implants? To find out for sure, pay a visit to our office.

About Dr.Nairi Kureghian

Dr. Nairi Kurehghian is a general dentist who has completed extensive extra education in dental implants. If you would like to know if this tooth replacement method is right for you, Dr.Nairi Kureghian would be happy to chat with you. Please contact us at 818-701-6197 or email: [email protected] Please visit us:


Posted on March 6, 2018 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (24320)

Why Are They Called “Wisdom” Teeth?

02/04/2010 | Posted in Fun Dental Facts, Wisdom Teeth

Why Are They Called “Wisdom” Teeth?

Third molars have been referred to as “teeth of wisdom” since the Seventeenth Century and simply “wisdom teeth” since the Nineteenth Century. The third molars generally appear much later than other teeth, usually between the ages of 17 and 25 when a person reaches adulthood. It is generally thought among linguists that they are called wisdom teeth because they appear so late, at an age when a person matures into adulthood and is “wiser” than when other teeth have erupted.

Lately, science has added some credence to the idea that the third molar does indeed erupt when a person is “wiser”. Recent research has shown the brain continues to grow and develop right on through adolescence: in fact, most researchers believe the brain does not reach full maturity until the age of 25. Perhaps, then, our ancestors weren't so far off the mark — that the eruption of “wisdom teeth” is a sign that the carefree days of childhood have given way to the responsibilities of adulthood.

Dentist's role with cancer findings

Posted on March 5, 2018 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (31709)

‘I credit this dentist with saving my life’

Posted on October 25, 201

In July 2012, registered nurse Sandy Wexler went to her dentist for her routine cleaning, just as she always did.

After her cleaning, the dentist did a routine check for oropharyngeal cancer, including a visual inspection and palpating Sandy’s neck. Sandy wasn’t very familiar with exams like this and thought that maybe her new dentist was doing extra tests to pad her bill.

But those “extra tests” turned up something: an enlarged lymph node on the right side of her neck. The dentist urged her to see a specialist who diagnosed Sandy with metastatic squamous cell oropharyngeal cancer. She began treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center – six weeks of radiation and seven weeks of chemotherapy – immediately.

Now Sandy has been cancer-free for five years and is telling her story to stress the importance of regular oropharyngeal cancer screenings in the dental chair.

“I don’t want anybody to think when the new dentists come in and they start with their extensive oral exams and external exams that there’s no reason for it,” she said. “We do see our dentists more often than we see our primary physicians. I would not have seen my primary physician until six months later when I was due for my physical exam.”

The ADA and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (where Sandy received treatment) have joined forces to fight oropharyngeal cancer through encouraging regular screenings, HPV vaccinations and tobacco cessation.


Posted on February 21, 2018 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (37750)

Having a great smile can do wonders for your self-confidence, and when you’re trying your best to make a great first impression, nothing does it quite like a dazzling white smile. People looking for a total dental overhaul are often described as looking for a ‘Hollywood smile’ – or a sparkling set of pearly whites, which is the perfect answer to discolored or misaligned teeth.

At Dr Nairi kureghian's dental office, we’ve been helping patients achieve their dental goals for years, so we know everything there is to know about getting a Hollywood smile. Find out more about getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

Whiter teeth, stained or discolored teeth can be very damaging to your self-confidence, and in some cases may be due to diet, lifestyle or a sign of poor oral hygiene. Thankfully, reversing the staining process can be achieved with a simple yet effective tooth whitening treatment, applied over a period of time to bring your teeth up to a preferred shade. Talk to us about our home whitening treatment – it’s safe, easy to use.

Straight teeth make an immediate impact on the symmetry of your smile, but there’s much more to it than helping your confidence. Not only does your straighter smile have cosmetic and aesthetic benefits, but it can help to improve your bite and make your teeth easier to clean, resulting in better tooth and gum health. Straighter teeth can be achieved with clear braces, which are a discreet, pain free and fast way to correct any misalignment. This can sometimes be done in just six months to gently straighten and align your teeth – one step closer to the Hollywood a smile.

If you have gaps in your smile, it can make you extremely self-conscious or embarrassed about smiling. Thankfully, there are multiple options available to you for correcting this. Dental implants are a very popular option, and one which offers excellent success rates, longevity and aesthetic value. These look and feel like a real tooth, so no one will be able to tell it isn’t real. No time to waste in your pursuit for the perfect smile? Dr Nairi Kureghian is one of the few practices in Northridge offering implant surgery and restoration dentistry services, or ceramic reconstructions, where you can have your new porcelain or ceramic tooth in just one visit.

Now that you’ve got the Hollywood smile, you’ll want to keep it looking great. LA lifestyles are known for being super healthy, so adopting some of these practices yourself will help ensure your smile stays bright, white and gleaming. For starters, skip those fizzy drinks and sugary treats to reduce the risk of damaging your enamel and developing cavities. Healthy living also includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet – especially gum-friendly Vitamin C options. Smoking is very detrimental to your overall mouth health, so cutting out cigarettes will help to prevent your teeth from becoming stained by nicotine.

5 Things you should know about your new dentures:

Posted on Comments comments (8381)

1. Wearing dentures is a learning curve. Wearing false teeth is like learning to ride a bike; it takes a while, but once you master the ride it never leaves you. If it’s your first time, it may take up to six weeks to learn to use them properly.

2. They are made of acrylic. Acrylic preforms best in a moist environment. Patients remove their dentures at night to rest their gums storing them in water or a denture cleaning agent. Do not place the dentures in boiling water as this may lead to permanent distortion of the acrylic.

3. They will have to be cleaned daily. It is advised that they are cleaned every morning before putting them back into your mouth and every night before you go to bed. Some patients are prone to tartar build up on the prosthesis and should have an annual clean and polish of their dentures by the dentist.

4. You still have to see your dentist routinely. Dr Nairi will do an annual review of your gums, lips, tongue and cheeks to make sure they are healthy and cancer-free.
 This is especially important if you are a smoker. She will also check the denture to make sure there are no cracks or sharp edges developing.

5. Their average lifespan is 5-7 years. Through time denture teeth wear down making them blunter. This will affect eating after about 5-7 years.
 We recommend that dentures are refitted and relined during this cycle in order to counteract shrinkage of the gums that will loosen the fit.